How do I purchase the NCLEX Insight Online Academy Course?

  • Simply navigate to the COURSES  page here, and select your curriculum level.

How long is my enrollment in the course?

  • Standard enrollment is an initial 60-day subscription. You may cancel your subscription at any time without penalty using your account settings in your course

How does the NCLEX Insight Online Academy work?

  • We help students understand the NCLEX® by teaching core nursing content, to improve critical thinking and confidence through our online lectures.
  • We provide you with a physical workbook which is better for note taking and memorization.
  • We are the only review to offer weekly NCLEX© office hours via Zoom for student enrolled in our NCLEX© courses.

How does Essentials Review keep up with all the NCLEX© changes?

  • Essentials Review attends all NCLEX® conventions and meetings.
  • All Essentials Review for NCLEX products including books, workbooks, and lecture materials are up to date with changes for NCLEX©.

Can I save any of the contents of the NCLEX© Insight Online Academy?

  • The access to NCLEX Insight Online Academy is available for online use only. Any print, physical copies, or offline copies of Essentials Review NCLEX Insight Course content are unauthorized reproductions and are considered illegal.
    • Any attempts to use system commands or third-party utilities to capture/print/save/copy unauthorized Essentials Review online content and Essential Notes workbooks will be considered copyright infringement and breach of Terms of Service. This will lead to account suspension, termination without refund, and/or legal action.

What is the system or network requirements to use NCLEX Online Academy?

  • The NCLEX Online Academy Course is fully compatible across all common computing and mobile devices including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones with modern browsers. No additional plugins or custom software installation is necessary. The minimum and recommended “System Requirements” may change minimally as needed as browsers, operating systems and application updates are made. All NCLEX Online Academy Course subscriptions require an active internet connection. Currently, our interactive products are not available offline.

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